Monday, October 5, 2009

Office Untethered - The perfect Ergonomic Chair for a Wireless World

Picture this..........Earbuds are in, Ipod loaded and running your fav tunes, latte in hand, you have just finished checking messages on your smart phone and you get ready to work on your Mac book Air - AT YOUR DESK!  We are wireless through and through. So why harness ourselves to a desk once we reach the office?

Varier Furniture, an ergonomic pioneer, has a chair that appears to be the perfect solution for a wireless world and workplace.  It is called the GRAVITY  balans.  

Looking like something wildly futuristic, almost as if it defies gravity, the GRAVITY balans is aptly named. It is a profoundly cool ergonomic reclining chair and offers you the ability to work at a desk, a table or in your lap - all from the same chair!

The GRAVITY balans has four positions ranging from tasking (leaning forward to a desk or table) all the way through to reclining.  In the recline position, you are literally "floating" in a zero gravity position, with all the pressure off your spine and with your legs elevated above your heart.  Many doctors will tell you this is good for your heart and your back.  Working with a laptop is remarkably easy, although, fully reclined you may wish to consider a laptop stand.

Varier calls this the ultimate "Power Nap" chair, allowing you to take brief breaks from tasking...or you can work from the reclining positions.   

The designer, Norwegian Peter Opsvik, is a pioneer in true ergonomic sitting. In fact this design, in its original iteration (the present chair is GRAVITY 4.0) 26 years old this year 2009, and was the precurser to all zero gravity recliners on the market today. It launched an entire category of chair, yet nothing you have ever seen looks like the original GRAVITY balans.  It is made from sustainable beech wood & natural wool fabric, comes flat packed (another Varier innovation, copied by Ikea!) and is very eco friendly.  It also comes in 8 fabrics and over 250 colors including a variety of woods so you can create your own custom GRAVITY.

Another of Opsvik's designs, the Variable balans, is the Original kneeling chair and it too also spawned an entire category of seating, the Kneeling chair (which I will write about in another post).

These chairs are truly "best in class".  They are made by a company called Varier.  Formerly known as Stokke (TRIPP TRAPP High Chair, Xplory Stroller), Varier's exciting and bold designs are meant for home and office.

The collection is called "Human Instruments." The company is a true ergonomic pioneer. The belief behind the brand is that humans are meant to move not sit still and thus all the chairs in this remarkable collection move with the body. Sitting still decreases blood flow, inhibits concentration and creativity.  Movement and changing position is on the cutting edge of today's ergonomic thinking, but has been at the core of this Scandinavian companies philosophy for decades.

Varier Furniture has created the tools, HUMAN INSTRUMENTS to create a completely wireless office experience. To purchase your Gravity, visit or see the entire Varier collection at

See why we believe the Gravity balans is the perfect Ergonomic Chair for a Wireless World !

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